Monday 9 April 2012


For the Comic Art Fair I printed a few miniatures from my comic books that I put in small passe-partouts.
They come in two sizes (incl. passe-partout / excl. frame)

The 'large' miniatures fit in frames of 13 by 18 cm. (the image size is 9 x 13 cm).
They are 3 euro's each.

The 'small' miniatures fit in frames of 10 by 15 cm (the image size is 6 x 9 cm).
They are 2,50 euro's each.

Here you can see which images from the comic books I used for the miniatures. (click and use magn. glass to enlarge)



Of course, if you wish to have a different image from my comic books as a miniature, just tell me which one you would like, and I can see if I can turn that into a miniature for you as well.

Larger sizes are possible as well, but I don't think they will still look good when they are enlarged too much (so a whole page can be printed bigger than just the one comic frame for instance).

If you order the miniatures together with both the new books, there would fit about 6 small miniatures or 4 large miniatures within the maximum weight limitations of the mentioned postage rate.

Price, Postage & Packing and Payment Options

The price for Revenge of the Plot Bunnies will be 25 euro's.
For those of you who already pre-ordered the old price still goes of course.

The price for Sherlock Hobbes & Sidekick Mouse is 5 euro's.

Postage & Packing

Postage & packing for one of both books inside The Netherlands is 3 euro's
For the rest of Europe it is 7,30
And for the rest of the world it is 11 euro's.
This is the lowest rate and for this rate the package can not be traced and I cannot guarantee it's safe arrival, but I have not lost a package so far and I will bring them all to the post office (instead of putting them in the mailbox down the street).

If you still wish a more secure form of transportation I can find out how much sending the books by recorded delivery would be for you.

Payment Options

You can pay for the books by transferring money from a Dutch Bank Account, or by paying me through PayPal.
(If you own neither, I can look into whether it is possible for me to send you a bill from PayPal, that you can pay by creditcard without having to own a PayPal account yourself.)

If you wish to order any of the books (or the miniatures in the next blog post), just send me an email at kipsla at gmail dot com.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

New Cover for Sherlock Hobbes

Since I found out my printer uses the colour cartridge to print the B&W booklet of Sherlock Hobbes & Sidekick Mouse anyway, I decided to make a colour cover instead and replace the old B&W cover.
What do you think? (this is back and front)

My table at the comics fair:

Thursday 29 March 2012

Ready for the comics fair!!

...or am I? I am starting to get a bit nervous *grin*

I finished an printed Sherlock Hobbes & Sidekick Mouse, although I would have just shaded and printed the booklet in colour, because I found out my printer used the colour-cartridge to print the black and white anyway!!
It looks neat though :-)

I did realise, that with this booklet ending up more expensive to make than I thought, and the fact that I did not calculate the costs of the fair and such, that I may have underpriced Revenge of the Plotbunnies.

So I think I am going to have to raise the price.
Because this way I have to sell ALL the books to get even. So if I don't sell all the books (which is unfortunately the more realistic scenario) I might end up bankrupt XD. So I am not sure what the price will be at the fair and afterwards here on the blog, but: if you already pre-ordered, or if you are coming to the fair as a blog-reader, I can still give you the old price. So make sure you mention this post if you come to buy my books at the fair Saturday! :-)

Oh and make sure you keep an eye on the fair-blog, because I sent in some stuff yesterday that Albo said he would put on it as soon as he had the time! :-)

Sunday 18 March 2012

Been working my *** off!! :-D

It has been quiet here for some time again, but this time it was NOT because I wasn't working on my comics. It was BECAUSE I was working on my comics so hard, I had no time to update! XD

But there is A LOT of good news! :)


The name is now officially:

I finished, uploaded and ordered 25 copies to/from om March 7th. I received them last week. 7 copies had misprints in them though, but LuLu is sending me new ones for those. The rest of the copies look AWESOME!

I set the price at 20 euro's (EDIT april 9th: the price is now 25 euro's) for people who buy through me. I have not made the book available through yet, because the minimum there would be 37,50 a copy... But I will make that available soon for people who do prefer to buy through LuLu.

I still have to figure out P&P but you can already pre-order the book with me, by sending an email to my gmail account, accountname: kipsla.
It will not send them out before April though, because I want to do the books first release at the KunstStripBeurs om March 31st.

So there is the next good news:

Hannah Kipje will be present at the KUNSTSTRIPBEURS during the Holland Animation Film Festival(HAFF) in Utrecht on March 31st (Janskerk, 10:00 - 17:00)

Everyone that comes to buy my new book at the KunstStripBeurs in person will get a copy of Sherlock Hobbes & Sidekick Mouse FOR FREE!! :-))))))

Monday 5 December 2011

Thursday 1 December 2011

I made it!!!

I edited and inked the remaining 51,5 pages, I embellished the ending, which added two extra pages, which I also edited and inked, so now all 143 pages have been done!!

I still need to re-edit a bunch of pages I did last year (when I did almost twice as many, so they have not all been done to the same standard), I still need to have it proof-read (Erika, are you still willing?) and then I need to write an introduction and an epilog, and design a cover and frontpage (or whatever a 'schutblad' is called in English XD)

I have also emailed some people about what to do if I would want this published professionally (because I have no clue!) and I emailed about selling my stuff on the Art-Comic-Fair but I have not had any answer on those mails for the past 2 weeks yet...

Monday 28 November 2011

A year ago...

Thursday 3 November 2011

New Toons-of-the-day!
HannahK's Plot (car-)Toon of the day! | National Novel Writing Month

Sunday 9 October 2011

Good news about Lizzie and Ziggie!

Sef, my friend who works at the bunny shelter, found suitable new owners for Lizzie and Ziggie, So yesterday they were picked up to go to their new home.

It's a Belgian couple with a lot of room for the bunnies, duckies to play with and they don't mind if Lizzie should bite once in a while.
But both me and my friend Sef are convinced that Lizzie's problems will decrease a lot when she has a large territory all for herself and Ziggie.

I did worry a bit when I heard they would get duckies to play with...

And I don't really know whether or not they have a cat..

So safe to say I was relieved when I heard the bunnies and the ducks would actually have their own separate spaces with fences around them :-D

Hurray for a happy ending! :)

Thursday 6 October 2011

Picasa Picture Problems

I tried out the privacy settings on my Picasa albums, and it turned out I had set them too tight, because the links didn't work any more.
So I set the old settings back, and I figured that would solve it, but apparently it didn't.
I noticed the links changed, so I am editing the last two entries to update the links.

But that didn't solve the problem completely, because if I log out and try the links, in some cases I get a square with a red line around it, where the picture is supposed to be.
I haven't solved this yet, but I did notice that you cán still use the magnifying glass to enlarge the picture and then you cán see it.

So if you cannot see the page because you get a red rimmed square, click the little magnifying glass (and then the + sign) to see the picture

I'll keep working on it. Meanwhile, if you have time, some feedback about whether the links work or not for you would be appreciated. Thanks!

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Sherlock Hobbes and Sidekick Mouse: Page 2

(click to open in Picasa, then enlarge with the magnifying glass and the + sign)

Sherlock Hobbes and Sidekick Mouse: Page 1

The shaded version I did this week and the original one that I finished during 24HCD last weekend

(click to enlarge)

Sherlock Hobbes and Sidekick Mouse:The cover

Based on an idea by Saskia G. xxx

Sunday 2 October 2011

I made it!!

At 3.45 am I was done. Then I searched for an empty room, pumped up my airbed, and now I am going to sleep! :)

Sunday 25 September 2011

24 Hour Comics Day: Oct 1st!!!

Tomorrow I will get up in the middle of the night (well.. 7 am.. but with my night rhythm of 3-11 that's the middle of the night) take a huge suitcase with lots of drawing paper, my laptop and even an air mattress and sleeping bag in there and get on the train to Zwolle, where I hope to arrive 1 1/2 hours later.

Then I will take a bus to the art school where I will join 29 other comic book writers at 11 am in an effort to make a 24 pages comic book WITHIN 24 hours.

It sounds like heaps of fun and a serious lack of sleep. The latter being something I am not good at, so I am bringing an air mattress that I can throw in an empty room at the school somewhere in case I really cannot make it till 11 am the next morning, or in case I finish in less than 24 hours.

Or maybe I'll just get up a bit later, take a later train, and try to do it in less than 24 hours ;-)

My friend Saskia gave me the greatest idea for a comic. It will be about my new bunnies Hobbes and Mouse. I have already designed their characters: Sherlock Hobbes and Sidekick Mouse:

So wish me luck! And check in here or my FB account, in case I will be able to put updates during 24HCD. I am sure I could use some cheering on ;-)

Bunny Update

After deciding I could not keep Lizzie any longer, I brought Lizzie and Ziggie to the Shelter and brought Hobbes and Flo back home with me.


It broke my heart, but I knew it was the right decision.

Six weeks later little Flo got sick. The vet admitted her, but she did not get better, so we decided to operate her to see what was wrong. Turned out her liver was completely ruined, so we decided to not let her wake up from the surgery.
We buried her in the woods.

Because it was better for Hobbes not to be alone for too long, I got him a new friend: Muis (Mouse)

But a month later, Hobbes got sick as well.


Because I had researched what was wrong with Flo's liver (the vet took a photo) I discovered she had cirrhoses and that could have been caused by infectants like a hepatitis virus or a parasite. So when Hobbes got sick I asked the vet to take some blood and have it checked for liver functions.

Turned out one of them was too high, but that could be a sign of a liver parasite called coccidia. (Lizzie had an intestinal form of coccidia last year, but the liver form is much more dangerous to fully grown bunnies as well).
So we treated both bunnies for that and after a week Hobbes started to get better! Yay! So unfortunately Flo could not be saved anymore, but because of what happened to her we were able to save Hobbes.

Needless to say it was another emotional couple of months but I am glad we got to save Hobbes
...and so is Mouse:

Tuesday 21 June 2011

What a year...

It's Tuesday the 21st.. which means Monday the 20th is over.. it was the birthday of the friends I lost last November. He would have gotten 45 years old, but he never made that.

At the 1st of this month I said my goodbye's to my brother in law, who died in the early morning of the 3th. He was cremated the 8th of June.
He was the husband of my only sister, father of my two nieces of 11 and 15.

He was the relative I told you about before, the one that we found out had cancer the same week my best friend was buried.

It took two hospitals 3 1/2 months to find out it was related to acute leukaemia, but they couldn't really say what it was. But it didn't matter because two weeks later he had already gotten so bad he could not be treated any more. They hoped to keep him alive for 6-12 month with blood transfusions, but he barely made two months.

The week after all this I came to the realisation that I can't keep Lizzie and Ziggie. Lizzie started biting last October and despite all my effort to train her, have her spayed (or is it 'neutered'?), give her a boyfriend and even give her several different alternative medications, still bites as much and as nasty as she used to. I have nerve damage in two places of my left hand already. And now her new boyfriend won't let himself get petted by me either, because Lizzie attacks him when I even stick out a finger in his direction.

I have tried everything I could think of to try and change Lizzie's behaviour, but nothing works... So as much as it hurts me, I am going to see if the shelter can help me find a better place for them with someone that has a yard so they can go and live outside and that doesn't mind that they can't be touched a lot.

So I hope you will understand why I STILL haven't posted any cartoon updates here, but my life has been a bit of a complete and total mess the past 7 months *understatement*

Saturday 30 April 2011

Painting my Ziggie

And here is Lizzie's new boyfriend Ziggie!

Monday 25 April 2011

Painting my Lizzie

I painted her because I missed her so much now she has been out to stay with Uncle Sef for a week and a half to get hitched to a new little furry friend (and no: not to have babies, but because I recently learned bunnies shouldn't live alone)

The introductions went smoothly and since two night they have been sharing a cage so she may already be coming home with her new beau tomorrow night :)

This is the new beau, still thinking up a name for him

And this is the couple getting used to eachother:


And finally sharing a cage together:


With a little luck they may be coming home tomorrow night already! So then I will have TWO little bunny friends as my room mates :)

Sunday 3 April 2011

Sorry about the delay...

I am really sorry I didn't have much to upload here anymore these past few months, but me and my family seem te keep getting hit by tragedies that drain me from all energy to work on the book.
I just heard (on my birthday!) that a very close relative - only two weeks after his cancer diagnosis - has already regressed so badly that he is now officially 'untreatable' and has been sent home to.. well.. :-(

I'll see if I can just upload some old stuff maybe. Thanks for still checking here every now and then though, xxx

Sunday 6 February 2011

Lizzie at 8 months..

.. so fully grown if I can believe what the books say about it.
Isn't she cute?


Saturday 5 February 2011

Picking it back up...

Well.. guys... I was finally able to pick the editing and colouring back up. Took me quite a while because I was working really hard on it when I heard the terrible news about my friend, so every time I started again it just felt too traumatic and I stopped again.

But last week I organised a write-in for a couple of fellow wrimo's in a café and that way it was easier to work on the pages again and I was able to break through the trauma. I am going very slowly though (did 1 1/4 page since then), also because I had more bad news end of December and again last week (a close relative turns out to be VERY ill) and as a result I am not doing all that well myself. So I am going to take my time.

I am also not happy with the ending so I still want to change that, so I can't post that yet. I am also a little scared I will lose all my readers if I give you the ending before I am finished with the project.. but I don't want to tease you with withholding it for another half year or so. But I do need to edit it somewhat.

Maybe I can draw different ones and you guys can help me pick :-D

So.. there is my update.. I can upload some of the finished pages again every now and then if you like? Anyone interested in that?

Thursday 23 December 2010

Hoppy hoppy...

Wednesday 1 December 2010

My best friend...

His name was Alfred and last Sunday he had fatal parachuting accident. He was 44...

I'll miss you always my dearest Fred...

The last few pages of my book may be a little later because of this, but I know you will all understand. I just wanted to let you know...

Saturday 27 November 2010

Page 138 - part 3

Nancy is not allowed to guess any more... *rofl*

(this is the last third of page 138, but because I had one page double this one still has the wrong page number underneath, but it really IS page 138.. :-D)

Friday 26 November 2010

Page 138 - part 2

Page 138 - part 1

.. of 3.
tomorrow part 2 ;-)

Monday 22 November 2010

Page 137!!

(and 138 in a way, since they turned out to be the same page :-D)

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Page 136!!!

Yes Ron, there is an IKEA according to google.. :-D
(sorry for the bright green, but any other RGB green became too dark when turned to CMYK)

Monday 15 November 2010

Page 135!!

I found out yesterday that page 137 and 138 are the same, so the whole story is not 142 pages long, but only 141... so here is the six-before-last page!

Friday 12 November 2010

Page 134!!!

Thursday 11 November 2010

I am so stuck..'s just not pretty any more. Don't know how I was able to do 6 pages a day on day 1 and 2 because I can barely do one the last few days. And yesterday I only edited one.. could it be that we are in week 2 of NaNo? :-s


Monday 8 November 2010

Page 133!!

Fully inked and all!!

But a link again because a thumbnail may give away the story.
click here: