Tuesday, 4 May 2010

2 pages a week?

So, if I would post two pages a week you guys would still come and comment? In that case...

I will try and post a page on every Wednesday and Sunday. (So, knowing me, come back to check on Thursdays and Mondays :-D)

Is that a good idea?

I may even post more because I have found a good deadline for myself. I want to give it to someone as a farewell present. It's not a set date yet, but they will probably leave somewhere in summer. So I am both creating new pages and editing the old ones (especially the ones I did in November still need a bunch of editing!)


  1. Lijkt me prima. Ik lees zeker niet elke dag maar check een paar keer, soms eens per week. Vandaag heb ik er wel 5 gelezen volgens mij.


  2. I'm still checking regularly so as long as I know you're still working on the story: I'll be there to read it!

  3. cool, thanks! :-)

    I drew two pages yesterday (X10 was there) so I will edit and upload one tomorrow! :-)

  4. *fidgets while waiting for the new page*

  5. I thought you knew me by now, Sahi... it will probably end up in here 20 minutes past midnight again... *rofl*