Friday, 9 July 2010

Room mate search part 3

Visited a breeder of pure breed Dutch Dwarf Loppy's yesterday. Walked into the garden and saw this:

And my heart melted (not just from the heat)
Bunny-mum with 7(!) bunny babies in the garden!

These are the two wee lasses I can choose from (unless I go for a laddie after all:)


I love the one ear still standing up but that's just because they are still so small and their ears only just 'fell' this week, so my favourite at the moment is the first smaller one with the very pretty spoon-formed ears.

I'll still go and visit a bunny rescue shelter next Wednesday to see if I can find some bunnies there, but I do like these a lot... feels MUCH better than the 'blue' one did. Specially because their owner is a really nice woman and a more professional breeder and she doesn't mind that I still need to think about it. :)

PS: we took my car.. WITH the airco on!! :D

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