Saturday, 5 February 2011

Picking it back up...

Well.. guys... I was finally able to pick the editing and colouring back up. Took me quite a while because I was working really hard on it when I heard the terrible news about my friend, so every time I started again it just felt too traumatic and I stopped again.

But last week I organised a write-in for a couple of fellow wrimo's in a café and that way it was easier to work on the pages again and I was able to break through the trauma. I am going very slowly though (did 1 1/4 page since then), also because I had more bad news end of December and again last week (a close relative turns out to be VERY ill) and as a result I am not doing all that well myself. So I am going to take my time.

I am also not happy with the ending so I still want to change that, so I can't post that yet. I am also a little scared I will lose all my readers if I give you the ending before I am finished with the project.. but I don't want to tease you with withholding it for another half year or so. But I do need to edit it somewhat.

Maybe I can draw different ones and you guys can help me pick :-D

So.. there is my update.. I can upload some of the finished pages again every now and then if you like? Anyone interested in that?


  1. ja, ik ben wel geïnteresseerd als je zo nu en dan een pagina post :) En als je er niet uit komt, moet je niet talmen om je bloglezers advies te laten geven :P

  2. I am also very much interested in seeing a new page every once in a while. (And don't worry about losing readers once you've given one ending... your drawing is intriguing enough to come back regularly to see different endings and other variations!)

    I hope you are managing to take care of yourself a little, especially if so much is going on.

    Wishing you a lot of strength,

  3. Thanks guys! *lots of warm hugs*

  4. I'd love to see more, but only when you're ready. I'm not all that regular a blogger so as you can see it may take me a little time to respond, but I'm reading!

    Do take good care of yourself, and take your time with the book. It'll all get done when it gets done.


  5. I don't visit very often, but I would like to read a new page every now and then.
    Although I haven't even read all the pages yet.
    I must add that I actually want to wait for the printed version to read all of it.
    I gave one of the books I bought to a friend of mine and he really liked it:)