Thursday, 1 December 2011

I made it!!!

I edited and inked the remaining 51,5 pages, I embellished the ending, which added two extra pages, which I also edited and inked, so now all 143 pages have been done!!

I still need to re-edit a bunch of pages I did last year (when I did almost twice as many, so they have not all been done to the same standard), I still need to have it proof-read (Erika, are you still willing?) and then I need to write an introduction and an epilog, and design a cover and frontpage (or whatever a 'schutblad' is called in English XD)

I have also emailed some people about what to do if I would want this published professionally (because I have no clue!) and I emailed about selling my stuff on the Art-Comic-Fair but I have not had any answer on those mails for the past 2 weeks yet...


  1. Congratulations! I'm be looking forward to adding your work to my bookcases! (Incidentally, how would I go about ordering "How (Not) to Write a Novel in Thirty Days?" from you, since I live in the Netherlands?)

    - Marianne

  2. Thanks Marianne!

    To get my first book, email me your address, and then I will email you the cost and banknumber.

    Can you get my address from this blog? If not, it's a gmail address and the account name is kipsla. :-)