Monday, 12 October 2009

Promoting my cartoon book

I got the idea of doing a complete cartoon book from doing a cartoon-of-the-day for the Dutch NaNo forum for two years in a row. The people who liked my cartoons asked me to make a booklet out of it and this I did last spring.

I am advertising the booklet on the NaNo site but I was only allowed to do so in the new marketing forum. So when I posted a similar thread in the Dutch forum it was deleted.

I now made a banner I can put in my signature, so everywhere I post people will see I have a NaNo cartoon booklet for sale. Now I am just not sure if that is allowed. I looked up the Terms and Conditions and they mention the marketing forum and who can post in it, but not that you can not post this stuff in regional forums anymore.
So they kinda make up the rules as they go, and there is no way of checking if this is allowed than by just trying it.. (I did sent a PM to ask if it was allowed, but no answer for a week now, so that didn't help me any further either..)

Anyway, here is the banner:

Like it? I am still working on the merchandise, so I will wait with adding the banner till my Cafepress shop is ready.


  1. Okayyy. trying again :P
    What I wanted to say: I love the banner! It's a tenttt! :D I dont know if Nano allows the banner in your sig... there are lots of links in people's sigs though

  2. The Codes of Conduct say:
    "Signature files in your forums posts may be 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. It's kinder on the eyes of your readers if you avoid flashy moving images or distracting color combinations, and kinder on our webserver bills for you to keep your signatures small."

    Mine is 500 by 100 and 27 kB. Not sure if they find my colour combinations distracting though..

  3. Hey Hannah!

    Heel veel succes met Nano dit jaar! Ik kijk echt heel erg uit naar je Cartoon of the day.
    In ieder geval, you go girl ;). Ik hoop echt dat j het haalt!

  4. Hi HK, the banner looks good! Glad I found your site so I can follow your progress. Is your cartoon-a-day book in Dutch or English? If in English I'm in line for a copy!

  5. Thanks Cindy!

    And it's in English Erika, but if you are Janie, you already know that since you bought one! (yay!)