Sunday, 1 November 2009

Okay it's November, so I started with my cartoon. Here is the beginning:


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  2. stupid me.... forgot to enter te securityletterthinggies...
    Enfin, hahahaha, that was what I wrote. The cartoongirl looks like you! Tha hair, the smile.
    Looking foreward to the next pages.

  3. Thanks! The cartoon girl IS me! I needed to find a way to make a difference between the cartoonist and the MC (main character) in her story. (Which are both me.. confused yet?)
    So my NaNo buddies on the Dutch forum gave me the idea of a different hairstyle. And since I actually have a different hairstyle from what I used to look like when I started drawing myself with 3 hairs, that was a really good idea! So thanks NaNo buddies! :-)

    (And thanks fo commenting Amke and Lemon-guy ;-)

  4. You're looking good, & so is Zoe! ;p

  5. I know B.. And why goes my (marktplaats) e-mail name with this comments and not the name that I typed when I joined this group?
    Love, the lemonguy ;-)
    ps, lemonguy sounds good actually

  6. Now I'm confused... The name in the comment is now Wouter..

  7. Now I am confused too.. because I am already bad with names, and now I have to remember all the aliases as well, hahaha