Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 4.. plan to post the whole cartoon story!

Today was a better day. I made it to 6 pages , but that was my goal for yesterday. I am almost done with page 7 though. And a big part from page 8 will probably be one big picture.

I have made an important decision though. I don't want to post bits and pieces on this blog. It's too hard to choose which bits and to explain what they mean in the story. So I am just going post the whole cartoon!

(hopefully some readers are now doing a happy dance.. ? *grin*)

I will post a page as soon as it's done. 'Done' means 'scanned and all the frames put in the right order'. That does mean I may not post every single day, because I don't scan every day, but at least you can read the whole story, eventhough it is only still in the rough draft version.

Good plan?

Oh and it really helps for my motivation if you comment. Even if it's just one word like 'cool!'. That way I know it's being read (and hopefully liked). So if you can spare the time every now and then, it would really help me through this project!
Thanks in advance! xxx


  1. Sounds like a good plan HK! & I'm sorry to hear that Zoe is poorly, but 11 years is definitely bunny old-age. WOW! Please give her a pat from me.

  2. Zie je me dansen? *doin'happy dance* ;)
    Balen van die irritante mensen! Zo ken ik er ook n paar op Fontys, altijd overal commentaar op geven en veel vertellen waaruit blijkt dat ze zo geweldig zijn in het lesgeven *NOT*
    Zet m op met het schrijven/tekenen
    xx S

  3. Heehee, thanks guys. These comments really help me get through the month! *big smooches*

    Okay, time to upload some new pages