Monday, 2 November 2009

Cartoon book and merchandise

Okay, so my first cartoon book with the cartoons-of-the-day I did for the Dutch forum in 2007 and 2008 can be found here:

Because the postage &packaging to Holland are quite steep though, I also sell them from my home. So if you are in The Netherlands, it's cheaper to buy them through me. 12,15 including P&P.
I just sold out my last bulk order, but I did a new one yesterday, so that should be here in a week.

For those who have already bought a book, through me of the site, you can also follow that link to rate my book. If you like my book, I would appreciate some positive ratings, because they help me stand out on the Lulu site more :-)

I also made a little Cafepress shop with some of my NaNo cartoons on T-shirts, mugs and other items. I am still updating the 'inspirational places' design (so wait with buying anything with that design for a few days) but the other designs are all ready.

You can find my shop here:

I post updates about the commercial stuff in a thread in the NaNo marketing forum here:

For wrimo's: I appreciate reply's because they bump the thread and make it look more interesting for other wrimo's :-)


  1. That "NaNo Time" clock is so cute! The inspirational places cartoon makes me giggle. ;)

  2. Thanks :-) Noone has bought anything yet though. But if this is like last year, I will probably only sell one item anyway! *LOL*