Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bad day

Today, or actually yesterday by now, was not a good day.
The write-in was exhausting.

(write-in= a get together of wrimo's that bring laptops to write on their NaNo novels together somewhere)
(wrimo = nanowrimo participant)

We had (yet another) irritating wrimo showing up and that just drained the energy out of me. All these irritating ones seem to be able to do is constantly ask for attention in some annoying way. And this new one seems to have a whole new set of problems, among which a painfully obvious lack of personal hygiene...

And the other wrimo that ruined my write-in's for the previous 3 years is now twittering everyone that we denied him access.. while all my fellow write-in organiser tried to do was to get him away from our write-in by offering him the chance to organise his own write-in in the same city. Something he has been wanting to do for years, but we were already organising one. But the amount of people showing up is large enough to spread over several write-ins now.

But instead of grabbing that chance, he is now playing the victim and trying to put people up against us and I have had enough NaNo shit already.

He was something special though. After the very first write-in with this guy, I set up a list of rules for him about how to (not) behave during write-ins. Among which were rules like: 'Do not kick other wrimo's under the table. Do not stick a camera in people's faces to make video's of them after they made it very clear to you they don't want that. Do not read your sex scenes out loud in the cafe. Do not talk about what sordid sex scenes you are still planning to write. If you have to name the women in your sex scenes after the female wrimo's at the write-in, at least don't tell them about it. Etc..

And he never kicked anyone or brought a camera again. But he never stopped any of the other annoying behaviour. Like the other annoying wrimo's I have met he had this constant need for attention. While the whole idea is to be quiet a large amount of the time so people can write. But people like him yell their wordcount every 3 minutes, talk about their own project the whole time eventhough people are clearly not interested, make their project sound briliant but put other people down the whole time. They do not listen to others but cut off their stories by starting to tell one of their own. And they constantly start reading from their own work (which actually sucks big time). And they are not able to shut their traps for more than 20 seconds. They even talk through word-wars.

(word-war: a set amount of time - for instance 15 minutes - where everyone tries to write as fast as they can to get the highest amount of words within that time frame. Utter silence is indispensible)

So we did get ridd of this one irritating wrimo, but other write-in organisers are already emialing me to ask me if we are really denying people acces to our write-ins, so that has now proven to be causing more problems than it was worth.
While it didn't even help one bit, because a whole a new wrimo showed up that is at least as irritating and that is also chasing other wrimo's away with a very penetrating body odour.

It drained me so much I felt tired and down the whole day... so I only drew a little under 1 page today, instead of two.
Hope tomorrow is a better day.

I am really doubtful about keeping up these write-ins though.


  1. "If you have to name the women in your sex scenes after the female wrimo's at the write-in, at least don't tell them about it."

    LOL! What an ass.

  2. totally.. glad he is gone, eventhough he is acting like a wounded seal.

    I have the next write-in in two hours. I reaaaaally hope that other wrimo doesn't show up today. I can't deal with sitting in that smell again.. :-\

  3. Ugh...there must be some kind way to suggest that this person take a bath...