Saturday, 7 November 2009


The HAFF was great! But I only did one page in pencil that day and I am so tired today that I haven't done anything yet..

I did see this fabulous animation on procrastination on the HAFF and I found it online. So this is what I have been doing today instead of cartooning..


  1. Thanks for posting that, babe. It was so sad at the end! I must confess that I'm a proficient procrastinator, but this animation gave me some new ideas. Next time I'll remember to color-coordinate my books or create a Fire Escape Plan. :P

  2. Yeah it gets a little serious at the end, but it does work as a wake-up call. Do you really want to let your life tick by or do you want to get out of that lazy chair and DO something (something other than colour coordinate your books or make a fire escape plan.. :-D I know! Let's make a cup of tea! :-p)

    It really helps me to start cartooning again on days where it's hard to stop procrastinating

  3. This was fantastic! The voice, although I know is Brian Quinn's, sounded a lot like Colin Farrell to me. Although he may have more of an accent. I am procrastinating right now. I need to wash the dishes and make tea. Bye for now!

    ha ha