Saturday, 28 November 2009

Page 37


  1. I'm sorry, but i see that SHE has had some carrots now. I'll think SHE's waiting for more and wanted a lt of them before it's dark...

    And a Hannah, keep on drawing your hands of, stille three days left... Hey and I'm thinking if your not finished at the end of november than maybee you can take the twelfht of december as a deadline, cause then is the nano afterparty after all...

    If you want I'll write some comments and emails daily to bother you and be a pain in the -what ever is hurting you the most-...

    But I'm very curious at the rest of your story...!


  2. Yay! Zowie pacbunny!
    x lemonguy!

  3. you guys rock!! Yes, please be a pain in my .. ehm.. let-me-think-about-that, until it is finished!!