Sunday, 3 January 2010

Page 59

I hope you guys still remember I was doing a cartoon story here.. because here is the next page.

(This was page 58 btw:
click here)


  1. I like the grandmother, how cool would it be to have a herb smoking ninja granny? Glad to know Shovel & Pick are still in the picture, they're funny!

  2. Oh Shovel & Pick are not going away any time soon. They just appeared out of nowhere but I really like 'em too! :-)

  3. Sorry for not commenting for a while. I had some trouble myself and wasn't really feeling like it. But it's all okay now, luckily ^^ so here I am again.

    I like it ^^ Ninja granny is cool. And I think it's great how you are able to make such convincing facial expressions with such few lines :)

  4. I forgot what the shovel of death usually does (I'll look it up), but still think it's cool: ferocious, yet friendly.