Friday, 5 November 2010

Grandma's dress - part 2

Thank you for using the word 'old-fashioned', guys (girls) since that was what I was looking for. The flower dress has the emphasise the fact that grandma is a grandma.. a ninja grandma with a fighting spirit, but still a grandma.
Plus I do like it if she is wearing a dark outfit to fit with her ninja-ishness.

So I feel mostly for this one:

Question is: is it clear that this is a flower dress? Or does it just look like something unclear when you don't know it's supposed to be a flowerdress?


  1. Bloemetjes haal ik er niet direct uit, maar mijn oma droeg ook altijd van die typische patroontjes-jurken dus voor mij doet ie t.


  2. Bedankt voor je reactie x10! Hij gaf de doorslag :-)