Friday, 5 November 2010

RGB vs. CMYK... help!!

Anyone have any knowledge about this? I am working in RGB when I should be working in CMYK apparently, because the result is meant for print. A lot of the CMYK colours are a lot less bright though.. so I may have to do the 20 pages I did so far over..

I know how to change the file I am working on to CMYK, but I don't know how to change my swatches and stuff in Photoshop. They do have a whole bunch of pantone swatches to choose from which I think has to do with printing as well, but I wouldn't know which Pantone set to pick..

So if you know anything about this please help! I have felt ill all night and day today so I have hardly worked on my NaNo today... so that's a whole day behind and I don't know how to proceed with this CMYK problem anyway... :-\



  1. I asked my Dutch wrimo-buddy and professional illustrator/animator Harry Mossel and he thinks it doesn't matter much, since the colours of my screen are not the same as what comes out of the printer anyway.
    But I decided to ink in RGB with CMYK preview so I have a little more control of what the end result will look like. That does mean I have to change a few colours in some of the pages I already did, but the greens and purples all tend to go really dull in CMYK, so they do need to be changed...

  2. Hannah,

    I am a graphic designer, and I had to deal with this problem a lot. RGB is for screen and CMYK is indeed for print so it is best to work with CMYK based colors. PMS is what we use as a standard color system in the graphic world which basically makes sure that any printer (drukkerij) will use the same color. If you are just going to print it on a regular printer it shouldn't really matter too much cause they are not calibrated.

    I you use photoshop you can always manipulate the colors with the adjustments of the curves and hue/saturation and others in the image/manipulation menu. I think that could save a lot of time.

    Nepeace (Angelique)