Sunday, 9 October 2011

Good news about Lizzie and Ziggie!

Sef, my friend who works at the bunny shelter, found suitable new owners for Lizzie and Ziggie, So yesterday they were picked up to go to their new home.

It's a Belgian couple with a lot of room for the bunnies, duckies to play with and they don't mind if Lizzie should bite once in a while.
But both me and my friend Sef are convinced that Lizzie's problems will decrease a lot when she has a large territory all for herself and Ziggie.

I did worry a bit when I heard they would get duckies to play with...

And I don't really know whether or not they have a cat..

So safe to say I was relieved when I heard the bunnies and the ducks would actually have their own separate spaces with fences around them :-D

Hurray for a happy ending! :)


  1. Yay to happy endings. And I (once again) love your comics!

  2. great news, I will read your other new pages later