Sunday, 18 March 2012

Been working my *** off!! :-D

It has been quiet here for some time again, but this time it was NOT because I wasn't working on my comics. It was BECAUSE I was working on my comics so hard, I had no time to update! XD

But there is A LOT of good news! :)


The name is now officially:

I finished, uploaded and ordered 25 copies to/from om March 7th. I received them last week. 7 copies had misprints in them though, but LuLu is sending me new ones for those. The rest of the copies look AWESOME!

I set the price at 20 euro's (EDIT april 9th: the price is now 25 euro's) for people who buy through me. I have not made the book available through yet, because the minimum there would be 37,50 a copy... But I will make that available soon for people who do prefer to buy through LuLu.

I still have to figure out P&P but you can already pre-order the book with me, by sending an email to my gmail account, accountname: kipsla.
It will not send them out before April though, because I want to do the books first release at the KunstStripBeurs om March 31st.

So there is the next good news:

Hannah Kipje will be present at the KUNSTSTRIPBEURS during the Holland Animation Film Festival(HAFF) in Utrecht on March 31st (Janskerk, 10:00 - 17:00)

Everyone that comes to buy my new book at the KunstStripBeurs in person will get a copy of Sherlock Hobbes & Sidekick Mouse FOR FREE!! :-))))))


  1. Hey! Dat ziet er goed uit! (En dan meteen een discount erbij :-) )