Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ready for the comics fair!!

...or am I? I am starting to get a bit nervous *grin*

I finished an printed Sherlock Hobbes & Sidekick Mouse, although I would have just shaded and printed the booklet in colour, because I found out my printer used the colour-cartridge to print the black and white anyway!!
It looks neat though :-)

I did realise, that with this booklet ending up more expensive to make than I thought, and the fact that I did not calculate the costs of the fair and such, that I may have underpriced Revenge of the Plotbunnies.

So I think I am going to have to raise the price.
Because this way I have to sell ALL the books to get even. So if I don't sell all the books (which is unfortunately the more realistic scenario) I might end up bankrupt XD. So I am not sure what the price will be at the fair and afterwards here on the blog, but: if you already pre-ordered, or if you are coming to the fair as a blog-reader, I can still give you the old price. So make sure you mention this post if you come to buy my books at the fair Saturday! :-)

Oh and make sure you keep an eye on the fair-blog, because I sent in some stuff yesterday that Albo said he would put on it as soon as he had the time! :-)

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