Monday, 9 April 2012


For the Comic Art Fair I printed a few miniatures from my comic books that I put in small passe-partouts.
They come in two sizes (incl. passe-partout / excl. frame)

The 'large' miniatures fit in frames of 13 by 18 cm. (the image size is 9 x 13 cm).
They are 3 euro's each.

The 'small' miniatures fit in frames of 10 by 15 cm (the image size is 6 x 9 cm).
They are 2,50 euro's each.

Here you can see which images from the comic books I used for the miniatures. (click and use magn. glass to enlarge)



Of course, if you wish to have a different image from my comic books as a miniature, just tell me which one you would like, and I can see if I can turn that into a miniature for you as well.

Larger sizes are possible as well, but I don't think they will still look good when they are enlarged too much (so a whole page can be printed bigger than just the one comic frame for instance).

If you order the miniatures together with both the new books, there would fit about 6 small miniatures or 4 large miniatures within the maximum weight limitations of the mentioned postage rate.


  1. Hoe wast op de fèr? Nog geïntimideerd door de Hartjes-clan? Mooie boekjes, ook die van de detectives. X10

  2. Helaas wel... En laat maar weten wanneer je weer centjes hebt X10, jij valt immers onder de pre-orders ;-)