Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dutch cartoon 3

Another one for the cartoon-weeks in my local library. Look who gets to 'star' this time? :-D

Sorry, too much text to translate... But it's basically about Zowie not being allowed outside because that would scare people. But she can come to the library during the cartoon-weeks, because she can pretend to be a cartoon-figure, so she only has to dress up a little bit.
And Zoë already knows as what cartoon figure she will dress up... (for the rest, see pictures ;-))


  1. Hey Hannahk,

    Je text en uitleg was niet nodig. De strip sprak voor zich. Ik moest er wel om lachen, hihi. Ik zou ook Bugs-Bunny of Roger Rabbit verwacht hebben, maar Lucky Luck? Wel mooi getekend trouwens.

    I love strips.


  2. De uitleg was ook voor Engelstalige die geen Nederlands kunnen lezen... :-D

  3. Sorry, EngelstaligeN :-D En bedankt nog voor het compliment :-)