Friday, 11 June 2010

London wifi cause of no Tuesday cartoon

I AM on vacation, I DID work ahead, I DO have a cartoon page, but the hotel WIFI wont let me post it... sorry guys, hope I can at least gat this message through, because the past two days I didn't even get THIS far on the net...
so here goes nothing.. see ya on Sunday (back home) hopefully


  1. Enjoy the holiday! I'll be waiting patiently until you're able to post the next cartoon!

    - Marianne

  2. ("London wifi cause of no tuesday cartoon".)

    "Will Nijmegen reader have patience to await delayed cartoon?!"

    "Nijmegen reader checking site every half hour now"

    "Nijmegen reader collapsed due to absent cartoon"

    (Have fun on your holiday, see and read you later..)


  3. OY! dan zal ik maar eens snel onder de douche gaan staan en me aankleden zodat ik aan het werk kan! (is al hele ochtend/middag in pyama met haar Londen aankopen aan het spelen :-D)