Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Room mate search continued

So I went to the see the blue nest. Turns out both mom and dad are tattooed, so the nest is pure-breed. The baby bunny is very cute with a deep blue colour and very blue eyes.

But the mother is a little 'dirty' blue with a brown glow and brown eyes. Less pretty. But what bothered me most was that she was HUGE. OR so I thought she was.
And the mother is the best bunny to look at when you want to know what the baby will look like as an adult bunny...

The owner had another NHD that was 1,5 kg and she said that was very small for a NHD, but according to the norm they should be between 1,3 and 1,7 kg.
The mother was undoubtedly much heavier. But then she only just had babies. And the owner bought her from a breeder when she was already pregnant (or whatever you call it with animals in English).

So I took some pictures, but when I compared them at home to the photo's I have of the other mother-bunny and I did not see THAT much difference. So now I am doubtful I even want an NHD.
So I googled some Dwarf bunnies but read that NHD do have much friendlier characters than normal Dwarfs. But then I read a complaint on a forum from someone about his NHD that it was pretty much always asleep and never did anything else. So that would be pretty boring. But there were also people answering that they had ADHD Dwarfs that never stood still and therefore couldn't really be cuddled with. That's no fun either.

Zoë had a will of her own, but she did love to be cuddled with and she came if I called her. But if I get a bunny that does not want to be touched much, that would be not so great either.

So I guess it's a little bit a game of chance, but my control freakishness is not really accepting that, aaarch. :-P

So today I look at the pictures of the blue nest again and I am really doubtful what to do. I asked the owner two days to think it over, so I promised to call her tomorrow night and I just don't know.
I also feel rushed because the breeding season is almost over, so I don't know how many chances I will still get with finding a pure breed bunny of either race...


  1. Ik kan hier niet echt tips over geven, want hier weet ik niet veel van, maar veel succes bij je keuze :)

  2. Dankjewel Jolien. Ik ben ook af en toe zo'n neuroot.. maar goed, ik moet mijn energie maar weer in stripjes steken want daar komen jullie voor, en die voor vandaag is ook weer niet gelukt.. :-(
    (of ik moet tussendoor maar over dit probleem gaan strippen, dan is het ook leuker om te lezen voor jullie, hahaha)

  3. Hoi Hannahk,

    Alles goed? Ik heb al een paar dagen geen beweging meer gezien op deze site.


  4. Nee, ik weet het, ik zal ff een berichtje schrijven...

  5. Just seeing this now, have been neglecting my blog-reading lately. The blue is very cute but you do need to be size-conscious for your apartment. If the other ones are certified smaller & look better for your purpose, I'd wait for one. But then, you've probably already made your decision & my opinion will be superfluous. I hope you get a nice new friend who will be as much fun as Zoe was. {{hugs}}