Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Back to work...

Okay, so these first two weeks of December I have been posting pages that I already drew in November, so that I could have a little rest after NaNo, without having to pause the blog updates. But last weekend I picked the cartoon back up!

Also because the last few days of November I rushed the story along to try and get the ending down on paper, but I didn't make it after all, and now I want to draw it as I originally intended. So even though I still have some pages I could post, I prefer to draw some new stuff to fill up the 'short-cuts' I took.

That does mean I may not be able to post a page EVERY day, but I will try to post one at least every other day. So please don't leave me, just keep checking the blog and keep commenting! Your comments are what is keeping me motivated :-)


  1. Hooray, you're drawing again! Way to go!
    New pages will be worth waiting for, I'll keep visiting this blog for sure :)

  2. Goed bezig HannahK. The K van Keep-on-working...

    Xxz, Lemone