Thursday, 24 December 2009

A few days more

Last night Zoë suddenly started to poop a little more and her droppings were a little better. I collected them in a separate little container to compare them to the droppings I collected since Monday. I then looked up information about paralytic ileus (still bowel) on the net on my favourite bunny sites (so I know they are trustable) and they said that ileus can sometimes take quite a lot of time to get better, so I could not give up on her after only two days just because the Holidays are coming. That felt like the wrong deadline.
I called my sister and she had some bad news as well. My brother in law was back in the OR after already having been operated on 4 times in the past month so that doesn't look good either. However, she would love to have me with them right now, but not if I was upset over just having my bunny put to sleep, so she said I should do what feels best for me. That gave me some breathing room. So I called the vet today and I will pick up some more 'emergency food' for Zoë which I have been forcefeeding her the past few days, so I have enough for the this weekend as well. I may not need to forcefeed it to her though, because I gave her some on a little plate this morning and she already ate all of it herself. Then I will go to my sister tomorrow and stay one night, during which my sweet sweet neighbour will take care of Zoë (I even taught him how to forcefeed her) and then I will come back the 26th. (Unless Zoë is doing so well that I can stay another night till the 27th when my youngest niece has her birthday, but we will see how she is doing first)
The 27th my neighbour leaves on a short vacation so then I have to be back to feed his cats.

So there is a little hope on the horizon, but she is not out of the woods yet, so who knows what the next few days will bring. And she is still old and sick, but I hope she gets over this so that I have a chance to have her checked over thoroughly with x-rays and stuff before I am forced to take such a decision again.

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  1. Thats sounds a little better , I hope your plans work out. Sorry to hear about your brother in law. I wish you warm holidays with your family.