Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Page 45


  1. What a lot of butte, she must have a painful but, by the way, by riding the bunny. But will they survive that's the question...

    How many more pages do you have my dear Hannah Kipje? And are you still drawing more cartoonpages...?'I'll hoep it for you, cause otherswise will there wave something...

    Xxz, Lemone

  2. 'there will wave something'... *ROFL*

    I have 65 pages, but only 2 more that are edited for blogposting. But I am continuously editing and I am also still drawing, but not in the same pace as in November. Plus I also have a Sinterklaas-surprise to finish.. :-p

    Oh and I need my muffin-bake-thingies back ;-)