Friday, 4 December 2009

Page 47


  1. Uh oh!

    Where in the World is Hannah!

    Tee hee hee!

    Great stuff - I'll keep checking for updates. you may have started something else here, you realise.

  2. Super cartoons heb je hier! Ik kan niet wachten op de volgende :)

  3. Dank je Jolien!

    And yes I know Seli... I know.. I will have to keep this up, even when this book is done, won't I? *eek* ;-)

  4. Hi Hannah,

    When do you want your muffinbakethingies back? Right now or can I borrow them for another week...? Cause next weekend I like to bake some more... But if it's not possible then it's not possible...

    I'm curious what is going to happen next!
    And yes I'll think you have to do something with it...Spannend dat wel...

    Xxz, Lemone