Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Zoë ill and X-mas cartoon

So I am a little too busy to update the story, because Zoë is ill and I am working on my x-mas card (which is usually a lenghty cartoon in my case). But the good news is that i will post the x-mas card here as well when it's done ;-)

Zoë's left eye started to run a bit so I took her in to the vet (local specialist actually) and he said her abscess is back (for those of you who know her history.. the rest of you will discover soon in the story). That was quite a fright. He also thought he felt a mass in her belly :-(
So for now he gave me anti-inflammatory painkillers, antibiotics and drops for her eye. So I can give her that on top of the anti-bladder stones meds she has had for 5 years and the bowel activation drops. That's 5 meds a day.. most twice a day.

And then she started to get worse. First I thought it was her jaw of maybe cancer, but yesterday she got so ill (shivering when I touched her, lying flat on her tummy but getting up and lying down a lot) that I realised her bowels were very upset from the antibiotics!

So I forcefed her 'rescue' food and the vet told me to give her more of the bowel drops. After HOURS she seemed to get a little better. Today I called back and we decided to stop giving her the antibiotics. Hopefully that will get her back to how she was before in two days. Because I am away for 3 nights or so with X-mas.

After X-mas I will bring her in to see if they can do an x-ray and stuff to find out what is wrong exactly, because I think the abscess he found is not in the exact same place as the other one was. Maybe I can get antibiotic injections for her again. Scared of needles as I may be, I was fine with giving her those myself.

But if they find cancer as well...... :-\

So more cartoons later. Keep coming back!


  1. Aaawh, sorry to hear that Zoë is ill!
    Hopelijk wordt ze snel weer beter. Ik blijf wel geduldig wachten tot de volgende pagina komt :) Je konijntje is belangrijker.

  2. Thanks Nancy, I am really worried about her. She is not doing much better right now. I don't know what to do if she is still this ill on the 24th...

  3. Hope she gets better. Good luck taking care of her.


  4. veel sterkte! en veel beterschap aan Zoë

  5. She doesn't seem to be getting better.. see my next blogpost. I am so upset I can't tell you..