Thursday, 24 December 2009

feeling down again

I am thinking maybe I am kidding myself with giving myself hope for Zoë. I do think I made the right decision, but she is not getting better all that fast. And when I take her in next week for an x-ray that may turned out to be moment I dread so much anyway. So maybe I am just putting it off. At least she is not so sick again that she doesn't wash herself or get active a little bit every now and then, but then I don't want to wait until she does get that sick. I just could not do it without knowing what is wrong with her and at this particular moment. But just the thought of having to bring her to the vet for the last time still rips my heart out and brings on a total panic. So I am still not really eating anything.

And telling myself she is just a bunny and there will be other bunnies doesn't help one bit right now. I am so damn scared, I follow her every move. when she plays I get some hope, but when she lays flat on her tummy again my stomach turns in despair.

1 comment:

  1. Best wishes to you as well, you could really use some right now.

    There's no such thing as 'just a bunny' or 'just a pet' gave her a name and she is your friend. And when friends get ill, that hurts a lot. :(

    I would have done the same, I guess, keeping her with me as long as I'm not 100% sure about everything.

    Big hug to you and Zoë!

    ps: hope you will manage to eat something, it wouldn't be a pretty picture when your loved ones have to gather Hannah poops to check your health ;)