Thursday, 24 December 2009

Holiday Card-toon 2009

n 2007 and 2008 I did a Christmas Cartoon about my bunny Zoë by way of a Christmas card, because she was already quite old and it was very special that she was still there, so she had to be in my x-mas card-toon.

But 2009 has been a very bad year for my little bunny. In spring she lost the sight in her last good eye to cataract, so now she was as good as blind.

Then in June she started to eat less and less. Took us till August (and several different vets) to find out what was wrong with here but the operation and the 2 week stay had been very hard on Zoë and she wasn’t a well bunny at all when I got her back. But over the past few months she finally got a little better and felt at ease in her home again. But she never fully got her appetite back and her droppings stayed smaller than they should. And then last weeks events happened (see other blog entries)

So it was very hard for me to come up with a funny X-mas card about her. I did do some cartoons in the style of the cartoon book I have been writing

Not sure if I will be able to finish the story if Zoë doesn’t make it that long though. But I also post updates about her status there. So please keep visiting.

Meanwhile here are the 3 little cartoons I already did for this card. I didn’t feel like colouring all of them.

Hope you like the cartoons and I hope your Christmas and New Year will be better than ours. Pray for us if you believe in that.

Big Hugs, Hannah



  1. fingers crossed for zoë

  2. Still thinking of you both and hoping things look a little brighter soon.

  3. Thinking of you en Zoë!
    Liefs, Marga

  4. Thanks everyone, also the ones that reacted by email, text-message and on message boards and such. It all means very much to me.